Chhichhore 31 Day(5th Weekend) Box Office Collection

After got very good business scores of 4 weeks journey, Now Sushant Singh Rajput’s latest comedy drama film Chhichhore has crossed 150 Crores club at the domestic box office in its 5th weekend days journey till. Film has performed very excellent performance and response at the multiplex and single screen theatres and Chhichhore has made one of the most successful stories film of this year.

Now film was jumped with low occupancy collection in its 5th Sunday compare tp its 5th Saturday and Friday journey. Now Chhichhore has collected Rs. 72 Lakhs at the domestic box office in its 31st day(5th Sunday) journey.

Chhichhore is running very slowly slowly on theatres because film is facing very huge competition with another new releases film War, Dream Girl, Joker and Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy on theatres in its 5th week journey. The film has opened with bumper opening collection in its opening week journey and film has added Rs. 68.83 Crores in its 1st week after that film did really pick up very well in its 2nd week journey and added Rs. 40.47 Crores at the domestic box office.

After 2 weeks, Chhichhore has dropped with huge number collection in its 3rd week journey compare to its 1st and 2nd week journey. Film has collected Rs. 24.23 Crores at the domestic box office in its 3rd week. After that film was again downed the collection in its 4th week journey and added Rs. 15.30 Crores at the domestic box office.

After that film has entered in its 5th weekend days and done the average low performance at the domestic box office compare than another new releases Dream Girl and War movie. So film has added Rs. 27 Lakhs in its 29th day and added Rs. 54 Lakhs in its 30th day. Now you can check out the 31 days box office collection of Chhichhore movie.

Chhichhore 31 Days(5th Weekend) Box Office Collection :-

ChhichhoreBox Office Collection
1st DayRs. 7.32 Crores
2nd DayRs. 12.25 Crores
3rd DayRs. 16.41 Crores
1st WeekendRs. 35.98 Crores
4th DayRs. 8.10 Crores
5th DayRs. 10.05 Crores
6th DayRs. 7.20 Crores
7th DayRs. 7.50 Crores
1st WeekRs. 68.83 Crores
8th DayRs. 5.34 Crores
9th DayRs. 9.42 Crores
10th DayRs. 10.47 Crores
2nd WeekendRs. 25.23 Crores
11th DayRs. 4.02 Crores
12th DayRs. 4.11 Crores
13th DayRs. 3.60 Crores
14th DayRs. 3.51 Crores
2nd WeekRs. 40.47 Crores
15th DayRs. 3.09 Crores
16th DayRs. 5.70 Crores
17th DayRs. 7.14 Crores
3rd WeekendRs. 15.93 Crores
18th DayRs. 2.25 Crores
19th DayRs. 2.10 Crores
20th DayRs. 2.03 Crores
21st DayRs. 1.92 Crores
3rd WeekRs. 24.23 Crores
22nd DayRs. 2.37 Crores
23rd DayRs. 4.32 Crores
24th DayRs. 4.38 Crores
4th WeekendRs. 11.07 Crores
25th DayRs. 1.38 Crores
26th DayRs. 1.77 Crores
27th DayRs. 69 Lakhs
28th DayRs. 39 Lakhs
4th WeekRs. 15.30 Crores
29th DayRs. 27 Lakhs
30th DayRs. 54 Lakhs
31st DayRs. 72 Lakhs
5th WeekendRs. 1.53 Crores
TotalRs. 150.36 Crores

Chhichhore has completed its 31 days journey with high level performance at the domestic and overseas box office. The film has collected Rs. 1.53 Crores in its 5th weekend journey. Overall Chhichhore stands with total business scores of Rs. 150.36 Crores at the domestic box office in its 31 days journey.

Film has acheived very high clash business scores and attracted to the audience on theatres by emotional and romance story concept. The film features Sushant Singh Rajput, Varun Sharma and Shraddha Kapoor in the main lead roles. We hope that film will be closed Rs. 160 Crores in its lifetime business till.