Mission Mangal 22 Day(3rd Week) Box Office Collection

After given successful box office collection of 3rd weekend journey, Now Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan starrer film Mission Mangal has crossed 193 Crores at the domestic box office in its 3rd week till. Film is continue running very well and managed all over business collection on box office

. Film has jumped with 4-5% occupancy business collection in its 22nd day journey compare to its 21st day journey. Now Mission Mangal has collected Rs. 1.31 Crores at the domestic box office in its 22nd day(3rd Thursday) journey. The film was all set to hitting in theatres on this Independence D

Mission Mangal was released with high number response and performance at the multiplex and single screen theatres. Film has finished 3 weeks journey with large number business collection at the domestic box office. The film has started with 70-75% occupancy response in its 1st week journey and added Rs. 128.16 Crores at the domestic box office. While film was dropped with 60% high occupancy collection in its 2nd week journey compare than 1st week journey.

Mission Mangal has collected Rs. 49.95 Crores at the domestic box office. After 2 weeks, film was continue picked up very well in its 3rd weekend days and added Rs. 9.09 Crores at the domestic box office, After that film was continue running well on theatres in its 3rd week last days and film has added Rs. 2.27 Crores in its 19th day.

While film has dropped with 40% occupancy collection in its 20th day and 21st day journey compare to 19th day journey and added Rs. 1.21 Crore at the domestic box office in its 21st day journey. Now you can check out the 22 days(3rd Week) box office collection of Mission Mangal movie.

Mission Mangal 22 Days(3rd Week) Box Office Collection :-

Mission MangalBox Office Collection
1st DayRs. 29.16 Crores
2nd DayRs. 17.28 Crores
3rd DayRs. 23.58 Crores
4th DayRs. 27.54 Crores
1st WeekendRs. 97.56 Crores
5th DayRs. 8.91 Crores
6th DayRs. 7.92 Crores
7th DayRs. 6.84 Crores
8th DayRs. 6.93 Crores
1st WeekRs. 128.16 Crores
9th DayRs. 7.83 Crores
10th DayRs. 13.32 Crores
11th DayRs. 15.30 Crores
2nd WeekendRs. 36.45 Crores
12th DayRs. 3.87 Crores
13th DayRs. 3.43 Crores
14th DayRs. 3.15 Crores
15th DayRs. 3.05 Crores
2nd WeekRs. 49.95 Crores
16th DayRs. 2.20 Crores
17th DayRs. 3.25 Crores
18th DayRs. 3.64 Crores
3rd WeekendRs. 9.09 Crores
19th DayRs. 2.27 Crores
20th DayRs. 1.21 Crores
21st DayRs. 1.15 Crores
22nd DayRs. 1.31 Crores
3rd WeekRs. 15.03 Crores
TotalRs. 193.14 Crores

Mission Mangal has received very positive and massive reviews on theatres by the critics reviewers. Mission Mangal has gone to very big successful because the film has won the hearts of audience on theatres and film has made on the budget of 45 Crores, While film has earned Rs. 15.03 Crores at the domestic box office in its 3rd week journey.

Now Mission Mangal stands with total collections of Rs. 193.14 Crores at the domestic box office in its 22 days journey. Mission Mangal has made one of the most highest grossing film of this year. We hope that film will be crossed 200 Crores club at the domestic box office in its 4th weekend journey till. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Tapsee PannuVidya Balan in the main lead roles.