Mission Mangal 25 Day(4th Weekend) Worldwide Box Office Collection

With super excellent box office collection of 3 weeks, Now Akshay Kumar, Tapsee Pannu, Vidya Balan and Sharman Joshi starrer film Mission Mangal has been continue maintaining its business scores momentum at the domestic and overseas box office in its 4th week days as well as film inches closer to 200 Crores Club at the domestic level in its 4th weekend till.

Mission Mangal has faced huge competition with new released film Chhihhore and Saaho on theatres but Mission Mangal has completed its mission on box office as well as film has jumped with 20-30% occupancy collection in its 4th Sunday compare than 4th Saturday and 4th Friday journey. Now Mission Mangal has collected Rs. 2.10 Crores at the domestic box office in its 25th day(4th Sunday) journey.

Mission Mangal has completed its 4th weekend journey with low number rush and response at the multiplex and single screen theatres. But film is continue running slowly slowly and targeting the audience on theatres. Mission Mangal has made some huge records and opened with 70-75% occupancy collection in its starting days journey.

Film has added Rs. 128.16 Crores in its 1st week journey, While film was downed the business collection in its 2nd week compare to 1st week and added Rs. 49.95 Crores at the domestic box office in its 2nd week. After 2 weeks, film was downed with 70-75% occupancy collection in its 3rd week journey and added Rs. 15.03 Crores at the domestic box office.

But film was continue adding its business scores and film has dropped with high occupancy in its 4th weekend days journey compare than 3rd weekend journey and film has added only Rs.73 Lakhs in its 23th day journey and added Rs. 1.40 Crores at the domestic box office in its 24th day journey. Now you can check out the 25 days(4th weekend) worldwide box office collection of Mission Mangal movie.

Mission Mangal 25 Days(4th Weekend)Worldwide Box Office Collection :-

Mission MangalBox Office Collection
1st DayRs. 29.16 Crores
2nd DayRs. 17.28 Crores
3rd DayRs. 23.58 Crores
4th DayRs. 27.54 Crores
1st WeekendRs. 97.56 Crores
5th DayRs. 8.91 Crores
6th DayRs. 7.92 Crores
7th DayRs. 6.84 Crores
8th DayRs. 6.93 Crores
1st WeekRs. 128.16 Crores
9th DayRs. 7.83 Crores
10th DayRs. 13.32 Crores
11th DayRs. 15.30 Crores
2nd WeekendRs. 36.45 Crores
12th DayRs. 3.87 Crores
13th DayRs. 3.43 Crores
14th DayRs. 3.15 Crores
15th DayRs. 3.05 Crores
2nd WeekRs. 49.95 Crores
16th DayRs. 2.20 Crores
17th DayRs. 3.25 Crores
18th DayRs. 3.64 Crores
3rd WeekendRs. 9.09 Crores
19th DayRs. 2.27 Crores
20th DayRs. 1.21 Crores
21st DayRs. 1.15 Crores
22nd DayRs. 1.31 Crores
3rd WeekRs. 15.03 Crores
23rd DayRs. 73 Lakhs
24th DayRs. 1.40 Crores
25th DayRs. 2.10 Crores
4th WeekendRs. 4.23 Crores
Total DomesticRs. 197.37 Crores
Total OverseasRs. 51.62 Crores
Total WorldwideRs. 248.99 Crores

Akshay Kumar‘s film Mission Mangal has achieved very massive outstanding reviews and response by the audience and critics reviewers. The film has collected Rs. 4.23 Crores in its 4th weekend journey as well as film has managed its huge number amount and added Rs. 197.37 Crores at the domestic box office, While Mission Mangal has targeted very good amount Rs. 51.62 Crores at the overseas box office.

Overall Mission Mangal stands with total big collection of Rs. 248.99 Crores on worldwide box office in its 25 days journey. Mission Mangal inches closer to 250 Crores club on worldwide box office.